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Author/Date change color of quoted text in reply window?
18/11/2003 4:30pm
When I reply to a message, I don't like the default RED text and BLUE URLs of quoted text.

Is there a value I can tweak in lgi.conf to change those colors?

I use black background in my windows scheme since I work late night and don't want my eyes fried so much by the white pseudo-paper background thing.

The dark RED & BLUE look like crap on black background hah! so I either have to highlight quoted text in reply as I refer to it while composing my message.

One workaround I sometimes use is a medium monochrome lgi.conf scheme I worked out which I can live with. However, I much rather prefer bein able to stick to my amber or cyan text on black late night computing scheme so my eyes aren't as stressed.

18/11/2003 6:02pm
I've added options to the lgi.conf to change these colours. They are documented in the new help files that will ship with the next version.
19/11/2003 2:34pm
thanx Matt, sounds good!