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Author/Date Eudora 6.0 Mail Msg Import
15/11/2003 4:50pm
Importing any Eudora 6 .mbx files using the Import->Text->Unix MBOX option results in many messages showing up in the destination mail folder as zero-length. All are (were in Eudora 6) HTML emails. Plain text seems to come across in tact. And yes, I have Default/Alternative set to text/html. Surely others are having similar problems? I'd really appreciate a hint as to the solution to accomplishing this import? Apart from this annoyance, my first impressions are that iScribe is a terrific piece of software.
15/11/2003 6:38pm
I saw this recently with someone else, and was being caused by incorrectly encoded headers. All the MIME stuff was striped out of the message's body, leaving nothing to go on other than "auto-detecting" the contect type.

As a general rule I try and ignore all encoding errors except the most common. As long as Scribe doesn't crash on incorrectly encoded mail I don't care. Standards are there for a reason and thats all I have to say on the matter.

However that isn't necessarily the problem here. Feel free to send me an example of your MBOX that doesn't import and I can check it for you.