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Author/Date how to open email full screen?
14/11/2003 1:17pm
Ok, I have i.scribe running in win95. After downloading mail, when I click on am email, it opens in a small window in the corner of the screen. I can then hit the maximize button and make it go full screen. However is there a way to make it open full screen first time I open it? If not then could you possibly make this an option?
19/11/2003 5:41am
No reply so looked at your site and you dont support win95. Fine, I dont write software, but in my experience anything that will run on win98 will run on win95 if there is enough hardrive space, memory, fast enough processor and win95 is properly upgraded. Guess I can understand software people not wanting to handhold some clueless person to help them find and install some missing win95 upgrade. Can just say so though. Maybe only 3% use win95 but dont you think they may be the ones looking for a small fast email client like inscribe (it is a nice program). Those with 120gb hardrive and 3Ghz processor and a gig of memory probably dont give a damn about size of software. Those with an ancient laptop with 75mhz processor and 300mb hardrive just might.

Now, I installed i.scribe on winXP (new enough for you?) and and it does the exact same thing as I expected. When I open a message, it opens in a box about 1/4 screen size. I can maximize it, but seems like it should at least be an option that it open in a full window immediately without the extra click. Dont know why the extra click bothers me but it does.
19/11/2003 6:38am
The best I can offer is making it remember the zoomed state of the mail window. e.g. if it was maximized last time then mazimize it this time.

As for Win95 support, mostly I don't say I support '95 because I don't have a Win95 machine to test and develope on anymore. So I can't tell if it's going to work or not, and I don't want someone BUYING the product and running it on '95 and it doesn't work. If they submitted a bug report what would I do? I can't test it, so I probably can't fix it.

I don't deliberately do anything to stop it working on Win95 but neither can I claim support for an 8 year old operating system.