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08/11/2003 5:00pm
Help! I justdownloaded iscribe and it unzipped, setup fine but I can't get it to pull mail off my isp's server. If I look in the log I get a msg:

+OK Pop server (version 1.3 (based on qualcomm 2.1.4)) at betelgeuse starting.
USER rfhall
+OK Password required for rfhall.
PASS *******
-ERR System error; please try again later.

Does this tell you anything by itself or what, it sure doesn't tell me anything.
08/11/2003 8:55pm
Do other mail clients work?

Looks like it's the ISP's problem. Although I get a similar error when someone sends me a really large email and the POP server can't copy the folder file to /tmp to open it. In which case I use the ISP's webmail to go in and delete it.
09/11/2003 10:20am
fREt, the inly other mail prog I have used is thhe one included with NS 7.1 and IE 5, theuy seem to work, you mentioned size of files in options there is a choice for that, I set it for 5000kb is that enough?
09/11/2003 6:38pm
The size limit is to stop Scribe from downloading large email. 5000kb is considered a very large email, so that is reasonable. However you don't have to see it to anything if you don't want to. Blank is no limit.

This however is not causing you the problem with logging in.

I suspect that the password you entered has a typo. I would go into your options and re-type the password into the field and save it. Then try again.
09/11/2003 10:58pm
fReT, Got it working, it was not the password but rather what I said was my user name that my ISP did not like, thanks for your help and OBTW, I like what I see so far, esp. being able to preview on the server and delete from there! Russ