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Bob Vedutis
07/11/2003 1:54pm
Great Program, few minor bugs...

When replying/forwarding mail, in the inbox window the mail gets marked as being sent(icon for reply/forward appears automaticaly on window open) but if you don't actually send the message it stays marked.

Memory consumption increases, takes 3 MB footprint on program open, then will increase to as much as 20MB. (win 98 se)

Would it be possible to have the "mark as read after viewing for 5 seconds" option be editable, so the user sets the time for marking the mail as read.
07/11/2003 8:47pm
The reply flag has to be set immediately because once the reply function is finished the new email can't reference the one it is replying to. This is an architecture limitation that will be resolved in v2.

I'll have to look into the mem issue. I've seen that too but I've got more than enough ram so I don't care as much as someone without ;)

Yes it is possible to make the "mark email read after 5 seconds", but really what would you set it to? It's verging on being a rather meaningless feature. I have to be careful not to bloat the program.
Bob Vedutis
10/11/2003 9:32am
my only concern with the being marked as read option was that i like to view my emails in the message viewer and have the marked right away (ie 0 seconds) that way i don't have to open them or wait 5 seconds for them to be marked as read. Thanks for the reply :)