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Author/Date Problems with html-plugin, html-import and ä-characters
06/11/2003 3:17am
Hi, I downloaded today the free version of Srcribe and html-plugin, but I get an error msg when I try to add the plugin: "Operating system couldn't load the library file."
So, I can't see my html messages, only code.
My operating system is Windows 2000.

Buy the way I can't import some html-messages from Eudora mbbx.files. Some messages load OK, but others are just totally empty (for example Yahoo's Finance updates)???

And more: When I import address book from Eudora, Scribe doesn't recognize the "" and "" characters, but replaces them with question marks. (And I have the file extracted in my Scribe-folder! I am not sure if it is needed?)
06/11/2003 6:13am
The HTML plugin will only work with the latest, "Test44" of v1.86.

Regarding your MBOX files, I'd really need to see them to diagnose any problem your having. Otherwise I'd just be guessing, and I don't have time for that ;)

So if you want send my an MBOX zipped up and I'll make sure all the mail inside imports. Probably fixing a few bugs along the way.