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Author/Date Bayesian filter using plugin? Doable?
04/11/2003 6:28am
Just read the POPFile forums and there is an extension to POPFile called Outclass. It provides a user interface in Outlook for email classification.
See page below for details.
Would it be possible to do a plugin to Scribe that could work the same way?
This would in my opinion be a good alternativ since it would keep scribe small for those that do not use the extra functionality of Bayesian filtering.
Just a thought
04/11/2003 6:34am
My implementation is probably about 6-7K of binary... which IMHO isn't worth pulling out over size issues.
04/11/2003 8:32am
Thanks for your reply. Did not know it was that small. Knowing that I totally agree with you.
Best regards