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31/10/2003 12:57pm
iScribe 1.86 Test42 & Windows 2000
I'm testing iScribe and I have a problem when I try to print an email with large lines (or I think so).
Get out an error of EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error code: c0000005
with the call stack. If you want I can send an image of the call stack message.

Another question: is possible to see the source of the email (the raw email...)?

It looks like a great program!
31/10/2003 1:04pm
Only now I have seen the file CrashData.txt! If you need...

Call stack:
00442A58: C:\Documents and Settings\m\Programmi\Scribe\Scribe.exe
10018B41: C:\Documents and Settings\m\Programmi\Scribe\Lgi.dll Offset: 0x1C9 (GWindow::OnEvent)
0043ABAA: C:\Documents and Settings\m\Programmi\Scribe\Scribe.exe
77E12CA8: C:\WINNT\system32\USER32.DLL
0040EFB5: C:\Documents and Settings\m\Programmi\Scribe\Scribe.exe
7C4E87F5: C:\WINNT\system32\KERNEL32.DLL

Unhandled Exception
Code: c0000005
01/11/2003 2:04am
Please try again with the latest verion, test44.
01/11/2003 2:48pm
Tried. Now the problem is that starts printing but print only 1 page of the email and in this case only the recipients email. Really it prints 2 pages but the second is totally empty.

I like new GUI, I think you are a good styler!