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30/10/2003 4:04pm

means fetch only for IMAP, that it is not possible to manage the mails and folders on the server?

If this is not possible, it will be the only reason not to use iscribe. The other functions are really good.
30/10/2003 10:18pm
This is already implemented, I just havn't released it because it's not fully tested. And I'm trying to get all the EXISTING features stable (haha).

What I think I'll do is release it anyway, as an optional account type so that people that need stability can stick with IMAP(fetch) and those that want to play with the full IMAP implementation can.

Obviously all the bitching, moaning and complaining about no full IMAP will simply change to bitching, moaning and complaining about all the bugs in IMAP(full). But thems the breaks I guess.
Jeremy E Cath
02/11/2003 2:49am
Have just downloaded as I needed a full IMAP support client on a USB Memory Key (synching email to the remote host, including putting sent items into a remote sent folder)
As long as it's stable enough not to eat mail (but then again, I'm using WinXP so I'm probably asking 4 trouble !) I'd love to see the full IMAP client (heck, beats most of the products out there on the market it it can support it !)