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Koen Vandecauter
18/10/2003 4:11am
I use Iscribe on a memory stick witch works almost perfect. A minor problem is that I have to change the settings of ReplyXml.txt, ForwardXml.txt and signature in Options every time I place the stick in a comp where the stick gets another drive letter notation.
18/10/2003 6:35am
I've got some code to do relitive paths, so I can make the paths to those files relitive to the executable location which should make using Scribe for a memory stick a breeze. Look out for it in the next version.
21/10/2003 5:23am
21/10/2003 6:15am
I've added the relative path code in and it's working for me.

The options screen shows the full path (with the current exe location substituted in) and it's converted to and from a relative path on load and save.