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Author/Date Can't open from taskbar
16/10/2003 8:41am
Don't know if this is a problem with my computer or with scribe. Sometimes (1-3 times per day) I can't open scribe by clicking on the taskbar icon. When a new email arrives I can open it by dubbelclicking on the flashing icon. I can also access the contactlist by clicking the right button. Has anyone had this problem before?
20/10/2003 1:56am
Are you clicking on the tray icon of the running program or a shortcut to the program?
20/10/2003 5:33am
Thanks for your answer.
I'm clicking on the tray icon. I have placed scribe in my start up folder and specified it to start it minimized. I think this is the problem. If I start it normal/maximized and then minimize it, it works the way it should. Don't know why it does this but now I know how to avoid it.
Thanks again.