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16/10/2003 1:59am
Thanks again for fixing a lot of bugs :)

From my previous post (Test40...), the following still persists:

1. When the preview pane is hidden (docked in the toolbar section), my guess is, the contents of the selected e-mail is still being read, thus when I scroll through the list quickly (via the down arrow key), I experience some delay. Maybe a flag can be set to read the contents only when the pane is not docked.

2. When selecting more than one mail on the message list, clicking on Properties from the popup menu and changing an attribute will only affect the record that was under the mouse cursor.

Thanks again :)
16/10/2003 2:02am
These arn't considered bad enough to get priority attention. Currently I'm really just striving to make all the basics work and not crash.

Then I'll cut off v1.86 and have a stable version for new people to use. (v1.84 is the current 'stable' and it sucks).

Anyway sometimes things take awhile...
16/10/2003 5:35am
No problem :) Keep up the good work!