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10/10/2003 11:20pm
HI fReT,

I'm using Test 40 with Win 98 and XP. A small thing I've noticed, but kind of annoying (if you're me at least!):

The toolbar changes color after the "Help" button. In Windows 98 it's very obvious. In XP it's less obvious, but still noticeable enough to not look right. I'm using 32-bit color, though I'm not sure that that would make any difference.

I've tried looking at charts of hex codes on-line, thinking that I could add an LC_MED entry to the lgi.conf file, but I cannot find an exact color match for the empty stretch of toolbar (I've looked at five or six such charts).

Is this a bug in need of fixing?

Thanks as always for a terrifically usable email program.
11/10/2003 7:44am
Well it looks fine on my machine (2k) so you'll have to send me a screenshot of what it looks like and maybe play around with your settings to see whether it's something in the appearance options of windows that I can set to cause the problem.

Obviously the luna scheme might be causing issues under XP but I don't have that on 2k.

If it's something I can fix I will. But it's hard to fix something I can't see.
11/10/2003 6:52pm
I've been fooling around with the XP "theme" and have figured out that the problem only occurs in the "silver" XP theme. With blue and olive XP themes, (and with the "classic" Windows theme) all is well. With silver, the toolbar's messed up.
16/10/2003 7:58am
Don't know if this could be of any help but when I installed test42 I got the same thing. It's white behind the menu text and grey on the rest. I use winXP with the olive theme. If I change to classic it works fine.
Thanks you for the great job with scribe.
20/10/2003 5:40am
I don't think this is a scribe problem. After installing the last windows update I have this problem with many programs, including notepad.
20/10/2003 6:29am
Good, well not for you I guess.

But I can close this issue and not worry about it anymore.

Thanks for letting us know.
20/10/2003 9:40pm
I just want to note that I had the two-tone toolbar problem before the most recent Windows updates; also In.Scribe is the only program I'm running that has this problem.

Has anyone seen any discussion on-line of changing toolbar color as a general problem caused by Windows updates? I've googled "windows update" and "toolbar changes color" (and similar phrases) and haven't found anything along these lines.

I love In.Scribe; I just see the color change as really unfortunate. So I'm still hoping it (or Windows??) can be fixed--somehow, someday, somewhere :)
20/10/2003 11:45pm
Mic: Which test are you running now?
21/10/2003 12:18am
I'm using 40 now.

With 40, the unused part of the toolbar is close in color to the buttons (this is in XP "silver").

With 42, the difference is more pronounced--the unused part of the toolbar is colored and the buttons are white (this is in all XP color choices--blue (luna), silver, and green).

With 42 there's no color problem in Windows classic mode.