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Christoph Berger
01/10/2003 3:56am
i tried to import a .csv file from OE and Netscape Mail 7.1 but I.Scribe 1.86 Test40 couldnīt import the intact .csv file. the charts in the Import CSV Field Mapping were empty.

i tried to import the addressbook from outlook 2000 & 2002 trough MAPI. The addressbook was imported with the name and surname. but i missed the e-mail adresses. the e-mail field was empty.

i tried to import the eudora adressbook. but i.scribe couldnīt find the addressbookfile. the importfunction from i.scribe didnīt notice the .toc file form eudora. The same problem happended during the import from the netscape 7.1 addressbook. i.scribe couldnīt find the .mab file from netscape 7.1

finally i tried to use the importfunction for mozilla. i.scribe used the correct path but found nothing. although netscape 7.1 (mozilla 1.4) possesses an addressbook and mails.

i have no idea what i can do else.
please help me

with best regards

christoph berger
01/10/2003 4:19am
OE/Netscape CSV: If the CSV file has field names on the first row this should work fine. You do have to enter all the field mappings yourself though, they start out blank and you have to click on each one to select the scribe field that the CSV field maps to. Which might be where your going wrong.

Outlook/MAPI: This is the usual problem with f#$%ed up M$ products, they never settle on a simple standard. Really this comes down to the email field in MAPI is always stored under a different key, and as such is a right pain to find. I do my best by using a linear search through the common range of keys but that doesn't always work. Although looking through the code there is 2 places that outlook import is implemented, one in the tools menu and a separate one (different API) for handling an Outlook contact being dropped directly into a Scribe folder. So I'd try dropping your contacts from Outlook into your Scribe /Contacts folder. That worked for me last time. And I'll probably have to fix the tools menu Outlook importer.

Eudora: My importer looks for 'NNdbase.txt' in the eudora directory. That may be for an older version than your using though. Did it ask for that file?

Mozilla: Importer looks for abook.mab in the application data directory. If it doesn't find it, it will ask for it's location, did it? You should then be able to tell it where the file is and be on your way.

If you manually enter the location of the file Scribe needs and it didn't read that file properly then maybe you could email me your file and I'll run it through the importer to see where it's going off the rails.


01/10/2003 11:53pm
quote: "...with f#$%ed up ..."

This is not a pretty sight. Hope people will refrain from using these kind of words. :(
Trinity L. Bays
02/10/2003 2:23pm
quote:..."This is not a pretty sight. Hope people will refrain from using these kind of words. :("

The truth is never pretty :)
Brian R.
02/10/2003 5:07pm
Another issue with CSV imports; during recent attempts at running the import tool I noticed that only the first few lines of the CSV file were imported into the contacts list. Reopening the CSV file afterward revealed that most of the data had been erased from it. This did not happen when the file was first tagged as 'read only' prior to import. Is this behavior normal?
Another request for the import utility; would it be possible to set up a predefined import map which could be stored as the default for future imports? Sure would beat manually selecting fields each time you do an import. An option to append an import to current listings or to replace them would be good too.
By the way, this is a great little program. Certainly beats Outlook in size and speed. Keep up the good work!
14/10/2003 7:54am
Brian: I've fixed the CSV import deleting the contents of the file for the next build.