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28/09/2003 9:40pm

Thanks for fixing a lot of bugs and issues :)

1. The "Preview first few lines of email in the list view" option is not working (since Test37, I think :).

2. Question: When the preview pane is hidden (docked in the toolbar section), my guess is, the contents of the selected e-mail is still being read, thus when I scroll through the list quickly (via the down arrow key), I experience some delay. Maybe a flag can be set to read the contents only when the pane is not docked.

29/09/2003 6:25am
1. Well it's still working fine for me, I'll check it on the next release. You using Win9x/ME?

2. Yes your right on the money. I'll see if I can fix that.
30/09/2003 12:55pm

Yup, I'm using Win98SE. When the "Preview..." option is checked, Test40 will extend the row height but will not display the preview text. Using the same .mail2 file, I tested v1.84 and the preview text was displayed (in blue).

Some other things:

1. When previewing mail headers from the mail server during slow connections, I usually would like to disconnect. But clicking on "Cancel" (on the preview window), or "Close Connection" on the Status pane oftentimes does nothing, so I tend to just close the whole application, and it raises an access violation error.

2. When selecting more than one mail on the message list, clicking on Properties from the popup menu and changing an attribute will only affect the record that was under the mouse cursor. Is this by design?

Thanks for the quick response. More power!
30/09/2003 11:52pm

3. (Again :) Regarding the prev/next buttons in the message window: while in the Inbox and I just downloaded my mails, the messages are positioned properly in the message list (ie. sorted correctly) but when I open a mail and use the prev/next buttons, the new mails are positioned at the end of the list. But when I clicked on another folder then back to Inbox, and do the above again, they are now sorted properly.

4. Question: What is the "Use glyph substitution when displaying text" option for? :)

01/10/2003 12:15am
1. I know about that.

2. It used to work that way. I wonder what happened.

3. This is a known problem.

4. If the font your using doesn't have a particular character (i.e. glyph) then Scribe searches through the rest of your fonts looking for the character and displays it using a different font. This obviously comes at a performance penalty but it's mostly cached after that so it runs fast the second time.
06/10/2003 10:29pm
Thanks! :)