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Author/Date message rules
28/09/2003 12:40pm
does anyone know how i can create a message rule where anyone not in my contacts goes into the trash have tried all sorts but everything ends up in the trash
28/09/2003 6:13pm
You can do that, but it's not obvious.

Firsly you need to be aware of the DOM that allows you access to the objects within Scribe.

Incomming mail will have a from field:

Which is of type 'Object::Address'. Now that object has a Contact field that refers to any local contact matching the email address:

And the interesting field in the contact object is 'folder' or the path to the contact in the folder tree:

Thus we can write a filter to check against the folder name, which will be null for someone we havn't got a contact record for.
NOT like

Should do what you want.
28/09/2003 7:05pm
thank you for reply i will try that and let you know if it works. i just want all my junk mail to go in the trash can just could not for the life of me figure out how to do it i used to use a message rule like this in OE and always found it worked well
28/09/2003 7:15pm
Also there is a bayesian filter for junk mail that you could start using. Look here for information about setting it up. Btw you'll need test40 for it to be useful.
29/09/2003 1:37pm
thank you for help on filter it works great