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Trinity L. Bays
17/09/2003 8:51pm
When i check mail i get the folowing error

the instruction at "0x0040e244" referenced memory at "0x00000008". The memory could not be "read"

I am useing test 37 on windows 2000 sp4 and useing IMAP to connect to my mail server
18/09/2003 7:03pm
Do you have bayesian filtering switched on?
Trinity L. Bays
19/09/2003 1:24am
beleve it or not I cleared the mailbox with another client and shut the filter off. I havent had a problem sence. looks liek a big in your filter :)
19/09/2003 1:27am
The reason I ask is that this morning I fixed a bug that caused a crash in release mode when bayesian filtering was switched on.

So hopefully that was the same issue that you were seeing.
Trinity L. Bays
19/09/2003 7:15am
cool seems to be working fine with the spam filter turned off. As soon as you hit a 2.0 stable im gona buy a licence :) though are you gona implement server folders (2way) IMAP?
20/09/2003 4:19am
I've already implemented online IMAP, but it's still really beta code, and instead of having a badly implemented feature that everyone complains about I held off releasing it until I can properly intergrate it with the general caching database. Which may or may not happen before v2.

Basically v2 is going to be with the new folder format. Other features come and go, but the folder format really defines the different between the v1 and v2 strand.