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Author/Date Message-Id column
16/09/2003 9:48pm
Wow! Now that's what I call premium support service. Thanks for the quick (blazingly fast:) replies.

Just wondering what the Message-Id column is for. It is always blank for all my mails.

16/09/2003 10:03pm
Message-id is just an options ID that you can use to associate one mail with another, like when you reply to something, the reply keeps the message id of the message it's in reply to.

There is usually no need to add that column to the folder views in Scribe. I just tend to just expose all fields available no matter how useful they are.
16/09/2003 10:23pm
Just wondering why it is always blank.

I was thinking maybe this value can be used in the mail preview to check whether the messages residing in the server are already downloaded, thus have an option to mark them so that they will not be downloaded anymore. Just wondering... :)