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26/08/2003 4:01pm
Who's got the biggest folders?
A not-too-pc-literate friend's email folders has grown to over 60MB with dozens of folders. When replacing the stable version 1.84 to 1.86test34, she gets the message on startup that there is a broken node in her folders and can it be deleted. After backing up, she answers yes, but it is still asking after openning a few times. Any ideas?
27/08/2003 7:23pm
WHEW! that is insane! I always make it a habit to clear out my email periodically. I try not to fall into the bad habit of using email to archive all my messages. I have seen people with 4 years of messages in their email client about scary files!


27/08/2003 7:45pm
My 18 month old folder:
% ls -l folders.mail2
-rw-rw-r--    1 matthew  project  59396410 Aug 28 09:40 folders.mail2

Yup pretty much 60mb too.. :)

Is the install using a mail or mail2 file?
Better yet, is the "Convert Folders" in the File menu available? (If it's not it's a v2 file)

Removing bad nodes sometimes takes a few goes to weed them all out. They are created by crashes usually.