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23/08/2003 9:54am
On the Lgi page, there a few bullet pointed intructions on getting Lgi to compile, may I suggest that you include having to rename "iconv.h.msvc-static" to "iconv.h" in the "iconv\include\" directory.

This is where I slipped up (had a momentary panic) so it might be nice for others to avoid it :) Other than that, it all built flawlessly, compiled and ran iFtp.exe with no problems, very cool! Bear in mind I'm a bit of a c++ n00b, I got quite excited!
23/08/2003 9:58am
Oh, and could you possible provide a link to the Ted source? Text editors are always nice and easy to understand. Hunted around for it, but could not see.

24/08/2003 7:34am
Sure I'll dig it up and post it sometime this week...