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22/08/2003 1:20pm
First of all, if I accidentally open multiple instances of the Calendar, InScribe crashes.

It would be extremely clever to improve upon the calendar. Imagine two people being able to sync calendars with their InScribe clients...and each would be notified via email of each change...maybe even asked to approve, or suggest an alternative.

Also, it woudl be cool even if one person manages a calendar in InScribe, then have it send out periodic notifications via email to other clients. For example it could send out a notice of a company meeting in one week, then on the day of the meeting it could send a reminder the day before, and one hour prior or whatever it was configured to do.

That would be slick, and I am sure you would be able to entice more people away from the evil Outlook dependency...over the years I have known many people who refuse to migrate to other email clients because of the Outlook & calendar functionality.

22/08/2003 6:10pm
First of all I'm writing (well designing at this stage) support for webdav folders. This is the method used by applications like Mozilla and iCal to publish calendars to the web so that you can share them. You subscribe to the calendars of people you know and their entries appear alongside yours in different colours.

There is already a shared calendar implementation in Scribe using the MemeCode server product but it's not that stable. I used it for a while but it isn't a standard I'm ditching it for the webdav standard that lots of others use.
27/08/2003 7:14pm
Oh, that sounds intriguing Matt...will keep posted :)

27/08/2003 7:15pm
I meant thanx Matt!


P.S. work has been fryin my brain lately hah!