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22/08/2003 12:32pm
Hello Matt,

It would be extremely handy to be able to selected recipients from the contact list. I knowya can do that from in a new email ifya use the "..." to the right of the TO: field.

Options to CC selected or BCC selected from teh contact list would be awesome!

Also, it would be really fantastic to be able to make an alias for groups of recipients such as: FRIENDS, FAMILY, WORKERS, EXECS, MGMT, etc. I like bein able to type in the shrot nickname of one of my recipients as a shortcut, would be even cooler to have that functionality to email a group of people.
22/08/2003 6:07pm
I don't understand the first part of your post, there seems to be a work missing between "to" and "selected".

To mark recipients as "cc" or "bcc" select them in the recipients list, right click on them and select the appropriate type.

Alternatively you can select "cc" or "bcc" next to the recipients entry line and that will mark any new recipients entered via the editbox as the appropriate type.
27/08/2003 7:12pm
Hellp, I'm sorry Matt...I meant that it would be nice to be able to mail various selected recipients from the contact list.

By contact list, I mean when you have the "contact" folder highlighted, not the "..." one from within a message window.

For example, I click onto the "contacts" folder and there I can left click & drag to highlight a group of recipients, hold CTRL and click to add some others. Then I would love to be able to right click and have an option to CC all or BCC all. Unfortunately the only option available is to email the last recipient I highlighted.

I'm usin InScribe v1.85 build 2003FEB05 if that matters.

27/08/2003 7:39pm
Oh I get it now, yes that would make sense.

I will get that into a future version.