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Author/Date Crashing 0.75 on connect
21/08/2003 2:18am
I'm pleased to see a new version with the ability to sort on the (now joined) date/time column. Unfortunately on trying to connect to my homepage i.FTP crashes.

I know, is indeed labeled unstable, but I thought you never know. I do have an crashed.txt file and if you want it, I can mail it.

Gino Damen
21/08/2003 2:22am
Without the debug symbols the crashdata is useless. (Yes I know, why generate it if the symbols aren't there... more work I guess).

I can:

a) build debug with symbols, post it, wait for someone to crash it etc etc.


b) find/get given a site that crashes it and login myself to debug it.

I havn't got around to doing either yet but I'm willing.
21/08/2003 2:23am
PS all the sites in my accounts list worked perfectly... that was the first thing I tried :)
Michael McGinnis
21/08/2003 11:36pm
iFTP crashes when I log into any of my four sites, on three different servers. Maybe it's a problem with Windows XP? I'll let you test if you want the password.
22/08/2003 2:40am
Sure I'd be happy to try and crash it... send me an email.