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Author/Date Multiple pop3 accounts = 100% CPU
19/08/2003 2:19pm
Hey Fret!

I'm using 7 e-mail POP3 accounts, all of them work just fine. However, when I launch (win32) inScribe and it starts checking all accounts, it will ALWAYS leave 1 or 2 accounts 'green' meaning, it stays in connect mode for that account.

Because checking the e-mail accounts with inScribe always cause CPU's to run at 100% (at least to my knowledge), the same happens because it doesnt end the connection with those 1 or 2 accounts.

So if I have to check all my e-mail accounts, I would have to shut down inScribe, start it again, and hope it wont hang on the same account again.

I've experienced this on Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2003.

Any idea's? I kept hoping for future releases to solve this but alas.. none do, in fact.. release 34 seems to be even worse :'(

Hope you have any idea Fret.. big thanks, inScribe rocks my pants!!
19/08/2003 8:01pm
I'm slowly working on that issue. For me it happens only when I leave it running for many hours, auto-downloading mail. Eventually the accounts get "stuck" and you have to restart.

As I type Scribe is running in the background in just such a state, and I've enabled logging to try and see where it's at. So far it seems according to the log that Scribe is indeed finishing the thread but is not setting the state flag back to idle.

This is a known issue and I expect it will be resolved soon.
20/08/2003 12:51pm
Hi Fret,

Thanks, glad you're looking into this. Is it perhaps an idea to not have Scribe checking for all accounts at ONCE, and have it check one by one instead?

Just a thought as several of todays mail clients use that way.
20/08/2003 7:24pm
That won't solve the issue of accounts getting stuck in the "Setup" state. But it should help minimize CPU and network load. I'll fix the setup hang and then see if it really needs sequential receives.
21/08/2003 7:21am
If you can fix that, I'd be very very happy. It really happens everytime I check mail. Which is annoying since I cant get into the options menu while it's checking.. haha.

Anyway.. thanks, looking forward to it!