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Author/Date how do i get more then one filter to work at the same time?
18/08/2003 2:48pm
here is my problem i have 2 filters setup but only the first one is prosessing if i change the filter index i can get the other fillter to work (so i know both of my filters are working) but i can get only one of them at a time working.
iv unchecked the stop further prosessing box
and im not sure what the problem is
any help would be cool
ps im using test 34

thanks for your help (and all your hard work)

19/08/2003 1:44pm
If you use iScribe (free version), you should know that:

Test16 Changes:

Changed the i.Scribe build to include "sample" support for Filtering. The first filter will run as normal, and any other filters defined will be ignored. The UI shows which filters are disabled via greying them out. The user can re-order the defined filters to change the active filter. InScribe filtering is not effected by this.

I you use inScribe (comercial version), than problem is somwhere else ...

If you want more processing on just one type of emails, you should specify more "actions" (e.g. move email to folder "x" AND mark it with your favorite color).

Excuse my english, please.