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Author/Date Only one ISP allowed?
Richard Flynn
16/08/2003 5:03pm
Hi - LUV the program! Just downloaded the plug-ins to try - I hope to be able to recommend this to Zimbabweans who need a small but easy-to-use email client that doesn't take all the hard disk space that OE6 needs. (Many have quite old computers - I'm talking 66MHz IBM-PC's with a 750MB hard drive and 32 MB RAM).

One question - apologies if this has been asked already - I have 3 ISP accounts. Can I only set up one on Scribe? Does the commercial version do this but the free version doesn't?
Richard (yes same one!)
16/08/2003 5:55pm
Oops! DIDN'T read the FAQ, did I! So now I know that InScribe does multiples, while (free) Scribe does not! OK!

But as an earlier poster commented, it would be nice to be able to import OE5/6 contacts. I seem to remember that OE6 & 5.5 (which I am persuading EVERYONE to use, if they use OEx at all!) has a separate folder now for this...? Opera 7.11 wouldn't do this import either, and I don't know whether that's a hard-to-do techie thing, or just... something else.