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Author/Date "Couldn't find the GPG program"
Aaron Lingwood
09/08/2003 4:48am
I recently switched to Scribe as it is a free mail client that supports GPG on the windows platform. I have not yet been able to read or write an email message as I cannot get the GPG Plugin working.

At first, I had GnuPG installed under:
"c:\program files\GnuPG\"
with the registry value of:
"c:\program files\GnuPG"
under the key:

When I Added the plug-in, I got the error message:
"Couldn't find the GPG program"

I changed the registry value to:
"c:/progra~1/GnuPG/", and
"c:/program files/GnuPG/" without any luck.

I then relocated my GPG folder to:
and deleted the registry value for HomeDir.
This didn't work either.

I then placed the Plug-In files in the GnuPG folder. They were sitting virtually on top of the file and still couldn't find it.

Has anyone else had similar problems?
09/08/2003 8:38am

I have:
gpgProgram = D:\Program Files\Windows Privacy Tools\GnuPG\gpg.exe

HomeDir = D:\GnuPG
10/08/2003 2:57am
Works fine now. Thanks a lot for your help.

BTW, Great Support.