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Author/Date Is iScribe susceptible to Outlook virii?
01/08/2003 12:03am
Is iScribe susceptible to the virii that Outlook and Outlook Express normally succumbs to? Someone claimed today that they received an email with an infected attachment from me. I was pretty sure that iScribe (Windows) is safe from things like this?

01/08/2003 2:51am
i.Scribe won't let you propagate a virus, and the virus can't use i.Scribe to send mail or read your address book. At least to the best of my knowledge.

So I suspect that either your machine got infected through some other means, or the senders address on that virus was forged. Quite a few virii like to forge the from address to cause more havok.

If I were you I'd run an anti-virus check on your system anyway just to be sure. It's not impossible that the virus got into your system from some other means.

01/08/2003 11:59am
I ran a check yesterday and my machine came up clean. So I'm sure a virus forged my email address from someone else's machine.

03/08/2003 3:52pm
I've received four emails with infected attachments now and, according to Scribe, all of them have blank headers. So I can't tell where they came from or when they were sent. Is it possible that Scribe isn't parsing the header properly and displaying everything as blank? I've not heard of a virus/worm that blanks or invalidates the headers?

03/08/2003 5:01pm
Actually this text is the Internet Header:


03/08/2003 5:07pm
I saved the email to disk and using a hex editor I see:

From: (null) Sun 03 Aug 2003 15:07 :04
MIME-Version: 1.0

There are probably 6 more bytes of non-printable characters but that's it.
03/08/2003 6:53pm
You'd have to save the raw message by setting a log file in the options (bytes only).

That captures the incomming messages and POP commands to a file. Otherwise Scribe saves the decoded message to it's internal storage, not the original message. If there is a decoding error then the information is lost. Hence using a log file to capture raw data.

v2 will save undecoded data to the internal store so that debugging is easier.
03/08/2003 7:07pm
Thanks - I've enabled the logging so hopefully that should provide some more clues.