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29/07/2003 5:44am
is there documentation somewhere that lists all the files you can make for a skin for scribe?
29/07/2003 8:16am
Basically it comes down to taking the existing icons and doing new ones. The icons need to fit in 24 x 24 tiles for _toolbar and 16 x 16 for _icons. Using i.Mage helps because you can set the tile size such that the zoomed view of the pixels has a blue line every 24 pixels (or whatever). But you can use whatever editor to create.

A good way to do it is draw the icons really big and then scale them down. Unless your into pixel editing.

Currently there is no plans to add furthur skinning as it would just slow the program down and make the download larger.
29/07/2003 5:57pm
I totally agree with that, though I would also enjoy it if scribe was a little prettier. Either way, I'm happy. :P