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21/07/2003 9:30pm
I have the demo version of I.scribe on my thumbdrive and it works great... But, I have two quick things I'd like to ask...

I was wondering if there was a way I could have botht he linux and the win32 clients using the same e-mail file? I'm making the move to Redhat on my home computer, but my work still uses windows 2k and I'd like to keep both systems using the same email file as before, which leads to question two....

When I use it on a different computer (my thumbdrive maps as different drive letters othe each computer), then I have to reload the e-mail file which rewrites my config file (and I have to repeat this every time I change computers). Is there any way I can tell the program to use a relative path to my e-mail file rather than an absolute path?

Thanks in advance for replies, and great program,

21/07/2003 9:31pm
oh yeah, might help if I give a bit of details....

I'm using win32 test 34.... I haven't downloaded a linux version yet (was gonna wait for a response first).

21/07/2003 9:42pm
The linux version can read and write the same options file format and mail folder format.

However because the 2 OS's have different paths to the same file you'll find that it's not as easy as that. When I do is use separate options files for each OS that point to the same mail folder file. So that I have the one set of mail. The only real issue with doing it that way is you can't leave mail on the server, because the list of received mail is stored in the options and by switching options files you lose that information and the mail is downloaded again everytime you switch OS.

I put the mail folders on a FAT32 partition so that both OS's can read/write to it.

As for relitive paths to the files that is something I would need to add into the application itself. But I can see the usefullness of it so I'll try and fit it in the next release.

Current the Linux version is lagging because of some hard to fix bugs in the code base, so you'll have to be patient with me. I'm not releasing a Linux update until the worst of the bugs are fixed.
21/07/2003 9:54pm
no rush, I haven't moved to linux quite yet =)

I don't know if you have any experience with thumbdrives (they're really great), but most of them use FAT filesystem so that they can be read/written to from windows, linux, and macs.

I don't really know how well the relative paths would work (unless it only considered the same folder as i.scribe) since linux and windows use such different filesystems... I do some php work and I have problems on occasion when I write something using a windows path and have a client needing a linux path or visa versa...

Thanks again,