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Carlos Rocha
14/07/2003 6:07pm
I think it should have an option to mark ALL messages to download, and ALL messages to delete in POP3 server, because this is the most frequent.

Thanks in advance
14/07/2003 6:17pm
Ctrl-A to select all... click on any "download", Ctrl-A click on "delete".

14/07/2003 6:52pm
Or use M in case of i.Scribe, or n in case of InScribe...
14/07/2003 6:52pm
I mean, Ctrl-M or Ctrl-n
14/07/2003 6:57pm
Bardo: I think Carlos is talking about inside the account preview window not the main window.
Carlos Rocha
15/07/2003 8:51pm
It works Matthew, thanks
But we need to put focus with mouse in the preview window to work.
On the other hand, i still think it was better to have an option where we could choose to automatically select all (download and delete) when hited the preview window, and then select what we DON'T want download and/or delete. Just an idea.
Thanks anyway
15/07/2003 9:03pm
Actually I think the best solution is to use the account defaults.

For instance for "leave mail on server" it should default all new mail to "download only". And for "leave mail on server" off it should mark all mail as "download and delete". Which would mean that you just edit the default non preview actions.

The reason I havn't done this yet is that some people use the account preview as a one off "fix" for large attachments and managing their account. As opposed to using it for every receive to weed out spam and so on.

So ultimately I think there needs to be an option to use account preview instead of auto-download. So that when new mail arrives you see it in account preview before it is downloaded. Which would be the perfect place to pre-populate the actions as I described above, and if you fire off a manual account preview then it should NOT pre-populate any of the actions because you are more likely to just be fixing something not doing your normal receive.