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16/06/2003 1:24pm
I think my greatest peeve with Scribe at the moment is that whenever I try a new version, I have to enter my personal data and server configuration again. It doesn't seem to remember the information. Any way you could fix this?

16/06/2003 9:10pm
All that is stored in the scribe.r file. Whatever your doing to install a new version is either overwriting that file or not persisting it to the new install. It should remain in the same directory as the executable.

New releases don't include that file so I doubt your overwriting it.

Scribe is designed to be updated simply by unzipping a new release into the same directory as the old install. It seems to work for everyone else.
17/06/2003 8:40pm
Oops; installing into the same directory? I thought it was best not to!

I'll try that! :P