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Carlos Rocha
14/06/2003 3:15pm
Importing DBX files dont import Contacts.
Exporting from Outlook Express to CSV doesnt work.
I found the solution with Down(beta):

Import from Outlook Express the Adress Book
Export to CSV

Scribe works fine with these steps

You can find it at


15/06/2003 6:37am
I've checked the importer to see if there was any problem since I originally wrote it. And well I could import contacts fine straight from Outlook Express' CSV.

You do realize that you have to map the fields between the OE fields and the Scribe fields for it to work. CSV files are basically simple databases, and for the data to make it's way into the right fields it has to be mapped.

The import dialog has a list of source fields and you have to fill in the destination feilds where you can, did you try that?
Carlos Rocha
15/06/2003 6:11pm
The problem is not with Scribe, but with Outlook. When exported to CSV from Outlook, there was no fields to Scribe work on. Importing Outlook Adress Book from Down, and then exporting to CSV, it happens what you describe, and it works fine.
Any chance that Scribe can import Outlook Express Adress Book directly? It would make Scribe useful for everybody, with no need of help.
I imagine that allmost nobody use all the fields in Adress Book, so Scribe could make a "simple import" of just the First Name, Last Name, NickName and Email.

Just an idea...

15/06/2003 6:38pm
There must be a different type of output maybe from a different version of Outlook, that doesn't have field names on the first row.

Maybe if I had an example file to work with I could make it work.

09/11/2003 2:58am
about that CSV import/export ... problem is with "comma seperated values" as exporter in MS address book tells you, but in reality you get "semicolon seperated values" (at least i did) ... anyway ... quick fix around this would be to check either are there commas or semicolons in the first line of that CSV, and then work from there on accordingly ... that shouldn't be so hard to implement fReT? ;)