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10/04/2002 8:05pm
The site now uses an included stylesheet for every page so that it's easier to update.

I'm also using Mozilla now (I finally had it with IE...) so if you notice anything quirky under IE let me know and I'll try and fix it.

The straw that finally converted my to Mozilla is that when I ramp up the security settings in IE to remove all the ActiveX controls I can't switch off the warnings everytime I load a page... Microsoft force you to go back to running ActiveX by making browsing without it too annoying.

So stuff them. I'll use Mozilla for the time being.
10/04/2002 8:12pm
Of course I couldn't stand the default chrome on Mozilla so I fixed a few things (gee imagine being able to!).

Like the scrollbars don't adjust to my setting of 12 pixels width... so I made them 12px wide. Nyuh nyuh.

Then the same for the drop down button on the URL bar and combo boxes.

I removed the text labels on the menus and made the throbber smaller so that the buttons don't take up too much space. They could probably be a little smaller but I can't find the XUL to change that (yet *evil grin*)

All in all the menu/toolbar/links bar is smaller than my IE setup, which is all I require.

If anyone is interested in my "fixes" for Mozilla let me know.
19/04/2002 4:44am
The forums can now remember your name and email in a cookie, if you want that is :)