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Author/Date Translation problem
Carlos Rocha
12/06/2003 1:03pm
Using with LgiRes dont apears Brasilian Portuguese, but I have it selected in preferences. What's exactely the resource file? It apears at New.lr8 and Scribe.lr8
I'm portuguese, so I would like to translate to (true) Portuguese. And how to translate Calendar?

12/06/2003 6:19pm
Hi Carlos,

I think you should check out this page
I've done the Dutch translation, it's not that difficult.
Send me an email if you need help.

Carlos Rocha
12/06/2003 10:43pm
Thanks for the reply Bardo

That page refers the file as the one to use, but the file is Scribe.lr8 (I have the two).
I've done the translation to portuguese, but there are no entries to the calendar. I suggest e few more string entries:
Configure,(Print is working)
Sunday, Mondey, Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday

If that is possible, I will wait to upgrade de translation.
if not, I can send what I have. Just let me know

13/06/2003 12:51am
Test32 has a whole lot of resource entries for all the day and month names. But it's easier to send all your edits to me and I can merge them with the current resource file using LgiRes's load language function. It's much easier then getting a new .lr8 from the next release that doesn't have your changes in it.

The file is the old non-utf8 resource format and isn't used any more. You can just delete it.