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Author/Date A bug in Test25 (1.86)
Valeriy Yankin
09/06/2003 2:57pm
i.Scribe strips out random words and/or parts of words in the letters I send. This happens only with Cyrillic messages, others do not get spoilt.
09/06/2003 7:19pm
What wrapping and quoting options do you have in your options?

Sometimes when the message is wrapped and quoted on reply you lose a word here or there. This is a bug in the algorithm that does wrapping and quoting. However I havn't had time to go in and fix it as so far I've considered it rather minor considering that the wrapping / quoting of quite mangled messages works a lot better than most clients.

However if it's dropping words in composed parts of messages then this is something new.
Valeriy Yankin
10/06/2003 7:14am
Matthew, it does exactly what you said - it strips out random characters from *newly* composed letters. I am trying to figure out when it happens but for the time being I am not a success.