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Author/Date ETA for Linux Test 30?
09/06/2003 1:44pm
I don't mean to be a pain, but is there an ETA for Linux Test 30? I've been tracking the changes as you post them and it's looking pretty interesting. I'm currently using kmail until it arrives but I'm thinking of switching to a Gnome only installation, and I don't like any of the email options (Mozilla, Evolution, Thunderbird etc are all too slow for me). So kmail would be out of the window.

09/06/2003 7:17pm
I'm almost there, it will definately be this week sometime.

I ran into a stack of issues over the weekend and it's just real slow going at the moment trying to fix them all. I don't like releasing software that I KNOW has bugs in it. At least I try and remove the most annoying ones.

If people are waiting on this release I won't try for XIM support this time round. I was thinking that I could fit it in but if it's going to delay the release (yes) then I'll leave that for later. XIM will provide support for multiple key characters, it's an Input Manager.
09/06/2003 8:50pm
I won't say I'm waiting, because it isn't that important. But I am looking forward to the next release. Take your time and release it when you want to! :)
17/06/2003 9:59pm
It's been pretty quiet from you lately... I hope it's because it's "just working".