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13/05/2003 11:33am
Does Lgi provide any kind of support for writing OpenGL based Gui applications?

13/05/2003 8:11pm
There is an OpenGL window that I've written. But I havn't released it with the rest of LGI as of yet. Which is easy enough to fix. It's just not in the right directory.

I'll put it in the next LGI release.
13/05/2003 10:52pm
See, I'm working on a cross platform simple 3D Game Engine using OpenGL. I looked at wxWindows and Fox and got scared away. I need a Gui toolkit that will let me;

- render using OpenGL
- capture some keyboard input to send to my own input engine for moving objects in the 3d world
- let me "poll" the various engines each frame

Would lgi suit these needs?

13/05/2003 11:16pm
I've written a simple first person world viewer in Lgi/OpenGL so yes it can be done. But the code is pretty hairy and it's fairly Win32 only at the moment. I couldn't be bothered writing the Linux side, I havn't even got 3d working in Linux yet (although I do have a g400).

Sure I can publish the code, but unless you know what your doing I'm not sure it's going to help you any. It's the least XP part of LGI at the moment.