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Author/Date forum post filtering !
30/04/2003 2:13pm
I have a suggestion for you...

You can make a filter for forum page..
- one filter to say: show after this date
- and one to say: show me only that post author

because, you know, in scribe forum, the list of post now is very long and is not simples to poll my own post... and your reply...
30/04/2003 2:22pm
You can, to, add this filter on the main page of forum...

I have post somme message on much setion and it can be cool to just click one botton and view all of my post, by section, are changer since to a date and time...
30/04/2003 8:58pm
There is now a search box on the forum page that will list posts by username, so you can easily find your most recent posts.

If you saved your username/email in a cookie it will pre-populate the username feild in the form. So one click searching is implemented ;)

Do we really need a date search as well? (I should be writting C++ instead of PGP eh!)
30/04/2003 9:50pm
If it's to hard to implement the date filter, it's ok with just the user name but they have any other filter can be implement ?

may be to, split result by forum place ?
30/04/2003 9:52pm
hey i like it ...
04/05/2003 3:23am
I realy like it ...

Because the result is sort by date, i just have to take a look on top of liste to see if they have new one...

Economie of time :-)

Super cool !