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Author/Date How to send myself daily email?
01/08/2013 7:58am

As a Muslim, I would like to read selected passages from my scripture daily. Those selected passages are all inside a .doc file. I just want to create a service for myself primarily, and later for other people who wish to join for those selected passages to be sent on a daily basis.
These selected passages are already divided over 365 days. The only thing remaining is for me to find an easy and efficient way for an easy web utility that is going to send those passages on the corresponding day to all the people I have included in my contact list.
I tried Mail Chimp but the problem is that you can only manually set an email campaign. I don't want to spend hours creating 365 different email campaigns here. I just want that app to take the contents from a file [date.doc] stored in a directory [selected passages] and just sent it like that. Since the date varies, it should likewise take the contents of a new [date.doc]