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Author/Date Can't compose a message
25/07/2013 8:27am
I'm sorry if this is addressed in the forum. I've waded through six pages of posts and haven't seen this one, and can't find a "search" function.

Windows 8, i.Scribe v2.00 beta 45 here.

If I highlight a folder and right-click, I can choose "New Mail" and it spawns a window for composing a message (as expected), but it doesn't have anywhere to put the "To:" address and I can't type anything in the message body.

When I click on the "New Email" or "Reply" (or "Reply All") button on the toolbar, or right-click on a message in the message list and select one of those options, exactly nothing happens.

I'm really getting to like Scribe. It's fast and lean, doesn't dust my house or wash my car, just does *email* (imagine that). I'll be sending in my $10 very soon, I imagine, but I really need to be able to send and reply to email.

Thanks for any help!
25/07/2013 9:36am
Sounds like a Windows 8 specific bug. I've got a Win8 license, and it's installed in a VM. So I'll look into that bug soonish. Might be a few weeks though, because I'm a bit snowed under at the moment.
10/08/2013 2:16am
In case someone else has this problem, I'll post here that the solution was to set the launching shortcut to run it as an administrator. It's a pretty obvious fix for problems in Windows 8, but somehow I overlooked it...