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17/07/2013 3:35pm

I've been spoiled by other email programs that make quoting easy: Instead of including the entire text of the mail I'm replying to, before I hit the "reply" button I highlight the portion of the email I want to include as a quote, and my reply comes up with only that portion included. That way I don't have to delete all the extra unnecessary clutter. Is there any plan to have Inscribe do this? I'm trying out the free version (most recent stable) and like it enough to purchase but really want this feature. If there's no plan to include it can you tell me which Windows email clients have it? I think all the ones I've used with Linux work that way, but now I need something for this Windows machine.
17/07/2013 10:46pm
I like this idea. Should be easy enough to implement for the next release.