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09/04/2003 5:33am
Is there any way of getting iFTP to show dotfiles (eg .htaccess) so that they can be [up|down]loaded? I need to do this for some directories on one of my client sites.
I have looked into the & options.sgml files, but cannot see if this is actually supported!
09/04/2003 6:09pm
It used to work. It's probably just an issue with the list command. I'll do some tests over the next few days and see what I can come up with.
24/09/2004 6:11pm
it would be good to have the "dot files" display as an option which can be turned off. in fact, the one reason i use iftp is because i can upload folders from my SVN working directory without worrying about .svn folders getting uploaded.
30/12/2005 12:49pm
Great little program.
If I could only see my dot files, which besides for .htaccess I use to secure my sqlite .db files.
On my server this only requires to add the -a command to list (LIST -a).
If it can do that, this program will be on my USB stick.

Cheers, jan
08/01/2006 10:23pm
It used to do "LIST -a", I wonder what happened. I'll have a look at it.
Adrian Bell
29/07/2006 2:51pm
Any progress on this?