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02/04/2003 3:23am
Hi. From Spain. I can't open a JPG file. I use the new version 0.98.

Ciao, Luis.
02/04/2003 6:00am
I've had no problems openning jpeg files.

Do you have libjpeg.dll in the same directory as the program?
Can you send me the file in question? Maybe it's specific to the file...
04/04/2003 12:26pm
Hi. I resolve the JPG problem. I have my pictures in a directory with a "spanish accent" in the -a- vowel like this --. When I open a JPG file in other directory or a GIF file I don't have problem. It's strange !!!!

I research, make a proof and find the solution: change the directory's name. But I can't open any JPG files in a directory with others "stranges" characters: - -.

Finally: I can work with your software and I hope help you in a futures versions.

Thanks. Ciao, Luis.
(I try my english is not too much bad... 8-) sorry for the mistakes)