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Author/Date cannot send from different email accounts
19/12/2012 6:06am

I just bought scribe because of the ability to handle with different email accounts. When I try to send an email form the second account which is not set up in the "Identity", I get this error:
"Client does not have permission to send as this sender".
The same happens when I try to reply to an email that came to this account.

Is it not possible to send from different accounts? I'm trying to fix this since hours but cannot make any progress.

19/12/2012 9:44am
You probably need to set the "only send through this account" option in each account you have.

Some people need to send all their mail through the one SMTP server, and some need to send through the SMTP server associated with the incoming account. So that option allows you to do the latter.
23/12/2012 4:48am
Great, that did it!
23/12/2012 4:52am
Maybe that option should be default. It is a little annoying if you create a second mail account an cannot send mails from it. Just my opinion.
10/03/2013 9:20am
If you really want to be able to send from more than one account:

You can choose the From account when composing a message to send from an account other that the default one. Just click the "+" box on the FRom button in the Compose window toolbar. Then click the checkbox to "always show" the From selection box. And then don't forget to choose the alternate account when you want to send from that one.