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Author/Date Running script from Tools on selected mail
16/12/2012 1:32am
Looking at the DOM, it appears as if scripts from the Tools menu can only act on the current folder or a specific folder.

I want to write a script that will act on each of the selected mail items to clear the label field. Is this possible? Wouldn't there need to be a SelectedMail object in the DOM of the Scribe fields?

I also want to create a similar script to clear the Colour field. This rules out creating this script as a Filter.
19/12/2012 2:40pm
I've updated the DOM to support setting/getting the colour, label, and list selection status. That should allow you to write those scripts. You'll have to wait for the next release (1 week or so) to get a build that supports the new DOM bits though.
27/12/2012 11:56am
So the new build I released yesterday has the new dom fields in it. You should try it and let me know how you get on.