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Author/Date WinXP/Eudora issues
03/04/2002 2:27pm
hey all..

I just emailed Matthew, but I'm wondering if anyone else has a problem under WinXP and Eudora 5.1 while running i.FTP?

my mail server slows to a crawl while sending/receiving mail with i.FTP running (in Win98 mode because it won't run under XP without crashing).

03/04/2002 7:14pm
While I don't have a copy of WinXP to play with I think it's fair enough that when I get my next lot of money from registered Scribe users I'll go buy a copy.

After that I'll be able to support WinXP like I do 98/2K. Which are the 2 operating systems I have installed at the moment. (Mandrake Linux not withstanding).

So support InScribe and I'll support XP ;)

PS that doesn't apply to you personally Jason, just to people in general.

PSS Also if other people want to download the source to LGI/i.Ftp and run it on WinXP and fix the bugs feel free. Thats what open source is all about!