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Author/Date Highlight subtitles?
27/03/2002 4:24am
Hello, I'm a big fan of scribe, and I realy like the new website too.
I can't stand every day to see the new enhancemend you done with it.
But if I can give my opinion in the layout, I think the subtitle in the Home page are confusing. You dont see directly what is the subtitle and what is the content.
I'm talking about under the elemnt scribe, there is 2 version, a scrreenshot section and a forum link.
But the first thing we see is an exe, a zip, a pkg and another zip...
If you can highlight the subtitle it would be perfect.

just a thought :)

Matthew Allen
27/03/2002 8:02am
I've made the font a bit bigger and used tables to layout the application notes into different margins...

I hope that makes it easier to read. If not then I'll have another go at it. I wasn't 100% sure what you meant by highlighting.
27/03/2002 9:51am
Ok this is perfect, we now can directly see the structure of the page. This is much more readable.