ConvertToLf is a tracker add on that converts text files from Windows/DOS line endings to Unix/BeOS line endings. i.e. instead of 0x0d,0x0a to mark the end of line BeOS uses just 0x0a. Some applications on BeOS can't hack Win/DOS line endings (gcc in particular) and so ConvertToLf is a handy way to convert them.

Note: Please don't use ConvertToLf on binary files, it'll corrupt them.


Download: Zip [, 12K, 23/4/2002]
Download: Zip [BeOS/Haiku, 11K, 23/4/2002]

Converts text files from CRLF to LF end of line type. Implemented as a Tracker addon. Hite: Don't use this on binaries. Very bad things happen.