ClipShare can transfer data between computers running on the same LAN, whether they are virtual or actual computers. The supports data types at the moment are:
  • Text
  • Images
  • Files
Peers are auto-discovered by UDP broadcast. And there is no security. Use at your own discretion. The reason I wrote it is that getting Ubuntu, Mac OS X and Windows to actually talk to each other and transfer data is way harder than it should be. Samba works maybe 50% of the time. Or less. Or not at all. And well ClipShare works 98% of the time. Marginly better.


Language Code Age Author(s)
English (en) [Native] Matthew Allen
(For information on translation the software see this)


Linux x64 Windows x64 Mac OS X x32
5.2 MiB, 21/5/2018
2.0 MiB, 21/5/2018
1.4 MiB, 21/5/2018


1.4 [Stable]

  • Added menu option to add a peer manually. This is useful for peers on other sub-nets that won't be auto-detected via UDP broadcast, but can still be contacted via uni-cast.
  • Fixed UDP multi-cast on mac. 2 instances of ClipShare running on different macs now see each other.
  • Removed UDT completely and just use TCP sockets instead. UDT performance was pitiful and there wasn't sufficient documentation or online help for fixing it. This does mean v1.3 and earlier won't talk to v1.4 and later. But I think the performance improvement is worth it.
  • Added ability to share the filesystem. Users can select which folders to share and also browse other peer's shared folders and files.
1.3 [Stable]
1.2 [Stable]
Download: Zip [Linux x64, 5321K, 21/5/2018]
Download: Zip [Windows x64, 2073K, 21/5/2018]
Download: Zip [Mac OS X x32, 1473K, 21/5/2018]
1.1 [Stable]
1.0 [Stable]
Download: Zip [Linux x64, 5268K, 4/4/2018]